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by spichan 1. November 2013 07:02
Join the wichealth team for a webinar series called Engage, starting January 2014. In this 4-part series, hear from the wichealth experts on how you can be more engaged with wichealth and the clients you serve.  Each section of the webinar will be live every third Thursday starting January through April from 1-2pm EST. Webinars will be recorded and archived.

Below is a description of each section of the webinar with registration links:

Engage Part 1: Content
  • Date and Time: January 16, 2014 @ 1pm EST
  • Description: More than Words. As Forest Gump may have put it, “content is as content does”. At wichealth our lessons are more than just words; they’re a carefully crafted experience. This webinar takes you behind the scenes of wichealth, offering a closer look at methods and strategies to providing reliable, relevant, and effective nutrition education.
  • Register here: https://student.gototraining.com/r/7022485463224760576
Engage Part 2: Support

  • Date and Time: February 20, 2014 @ 1pm EST
  • Description: In this webinar, explore and get connected with new strategies, tools, and resources to improve support, training, and communication about wichealth in your state and agency. Learn strategies for how to better engage with your clients and staff through the use of wichealth and wichealthsupport.org.
  • Register here: https://student.gototraining.com/r/564303806366201344
Engage Part 3: Social Media  

  • Date and Time: March 20, 2014 @ 1pm EST  
  • Description:  The World of Social Media. "Social media" has become a common term in today's language, but what exactly does it mean? And more importantly, how can you use it to promote your WIC program and engage participants outside the clinic setting? This webinar explores the most widely used platforms and how each can benefit your agency or clinic, including real-life examples you can take with you and immediately begin to use.  
  • Register here: https://student.gototraining.com/r/4394938545863399168  
Engage Part 4: Innovation  

  • Date and Time: April 17, 2014 @ 1pm EST 
  • Description: A Perfect Fit: Stitching Together wichealth Features to Impact Behavior Change Over the years wichealth has become more comprehensive in its ability to fulfill the needs of WIC clients throughout the entire process of changing their health behaviors. The addition of text messaging, online breastfeeding peer counseling, a curated cooking video library, and a smart system tailoring method have helped provide WIC clients with a more supportive, engaging, and meaningful experience. Join us as we dive into how the multiple solutions offered under wichealth work together to impact behavior change, and catch a glimpse of our vision for the future.
  • Register here: https://student.gototraining.com/r/3411279159771292672


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Distance Education

very useful information for us..please update it weekly.because we are interested in your blogs. so want to know some health tips...

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Will this series be archived so we can upload and view at a  later time?  I have clinics on those dates and unable to participate, but would really like this information.

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